The emergence of eCommerce has impacted the retail landscape in unanticipated ways. Shopify is a huge name when it comes to the best eCommerce platforms, but have you ever wondered why you've been considering them? When it comes to Ecommerce, Shopify is the first name that leaps to mind for almost everyone, and with good reason.

Why should you use Shopify for your Ecommerce business? Shopify is gradually becoming the world's go-to CMS for Ecommerce, but why should you? This blog will go through our top ten 10 reasons to use Shopify for your eCommerce and whether you should consider putting it at the top of your list and establishing your online store with it.

Shopify may be compared to other Ecommerce platforms, but we can say with certainty that it is preferable.

How Does the Shopify eCommerce Platform Work?

Shopify is a cloud-based platform with a monthly subscription plan. Those who opt-in have access to the admin panel, which enables them to provide business details, promote their business, including products, and streamline purchase processing. It's quite user-friendly, and anyone with even the most basic technical knowledge can quickly become accustomed to it.

It offers a large number of both free and paid templates. All of these templates come with powerful modification capabilities that can be used to match the theme to the store's branding.

Overall, Shopify might be a great option for anyone who wants to start an Ecommerce company but lacks technical knowledge.

10 reasons to choose Shopify for your Ecommerce store

  1. Real Quick Setup
  2. Setting up a shop on Shopify is incredibly simple with the help of a Shopify, and there are two main reasons for this: first, there's no worry about servers, and second, there's no development fee. The admin UI is also quite clean and simple to use, with a logical structure and straightforward layout. For ease of use, Shopify even provides video and document lessons to its users.

  3. Ease of use
  4. With an easy-to-use and straightforward backend interface, Shopify stands apart from the competition. You'll have a better understanding of sales, orders, and the demographic you're promoting your product to with a complete dashboard. With little to no design or development experience, you may customise colours, graphics, and fonts using their built-in drag-and-drop store builder.

  5. Large options for themes
  6. The Shopify theme store has thousands of ready-to-use themes with varying styles, designs, functionality, and pricing, allowing you to choose the perfect theme for your business. There are both free and paid solutions, so price should be factored into your decision. Art & photography, clothing & fashion, toys & games, jewellery & accessories, technology, food & drink, health & beauty, and many other enterprises have themes.

  7. SEO friendly
  8. If you're switching to Shopify, your product URLs will almost certainly change. You'll be relieved to learn that this will have very little impact on your search engine rankings. You'll be able to make page redirects, minimise on-page changes, monitor duplicate content, and maintain page performance if you prepare properly. Many retailers are unaware that re-platforming can help their SEO rankings. This gives you the chance to use high-performing keywords, shorter URL strings, and a directory with fewer degrees of depth.

  9. Third-Party Integrations
  10. When it comes to attaining different required functional configurations like Subscription, Upsells, Booking, Personalization, and so on using different available options on the App Store, you've never been trapped with Shopify. It also enables us to construct Custom Applications that work exclusively on our shop to satisfy unique needs and specifications.

  11. Multiple Language Support
  12. With globalisation at its peak, a window to internationalise your brand and offer your product/services around the world is always needed. Shopify takes it to the next level by making many plugins available that allow merchants to convert their stores into multiple languages.

  13. Security and Steady Reliability
  14. Shopify takes the security of hosting and account information extremely seriously. They've put forth a lot of effort and money to achieve their Level 1 PCI certification. Your online business, shopping cart, and hosting are all protected by this industry-leading protection.

  15. Speed and Performance
  16. The speed with which a website loads is a significant aspect in determining its success rate. Because of its advanced-cache algorithms and CDN architecture, Shopify performs better than competing eCommerce platforms. The site's overall performance has been much improved. Based on Google Lighthouse performance measurements, you may measure how quickly your store loads on Shopify.

  17. No hidden fees
  18. Shopify's pricing plans are entirely open and transparent. You'll never be surprised by a miscellaneous charge or a bill for something you didn't expect. You may easily be set up with no long-term commitment with options starting at $29/month. You'd easily pay more than $100-200 each month if you bought hosting, security, content distribution, and credit card processing separately.

  19. Customizable Shopfronts
  20. When it comes to customisation, Shopify is a treasure trove. You'll be spoiled for choice with over 160 themes to select from. These themes, both paid and free, are unique and engaging, giving e-stores their personalities. You can find anything in the gallery that matches your business identity if you have a little time on your hands.


Shopify is unquestionably the best option for aspiring eCommerce business entrepreneurs looking for quick, ready-made solutions. However, if you want to focus on aspects like growth, scalability, and more, as well as anticipate a bright future for your company, we recommend custom Shopify website creation. They give you more freedom and allow you to create your website according to your preferences in terms of business, market, client needs, and other factors.

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